Gayatri Dedee Hauge

My intention…

As a healer my intention is to create an optimal healing environment through conscious awareness, intuitive guidance, knowledge of the body, and highly skilled body work to facilitate a healing session unique for each client.

How it all started…

My interest in the healing arts began in High School. I was active in sports and complained of elbow pain to my mother. She made a massage appointment for me, at Inner Mountain Healing Arts in fact, with Josette. I didn’t understand what massage was going to do, but to my amazement at my next game I had no pain! As many of my friends went off to College, I chose a different path. I enrolled at Brenneke School of Massage and so my journey of healing began. I graduated in 2002 and began offering deep tissue and Swedish massage.

Some years later at the age of 22 I signed up for a beginning Yoga class. I went to ‘become more flexible’, little did I know the depth and breadth of Yoga. I thank Stan Bryant for his dedication to teaching and for his constant inspiration. I practiced on and off for years, then in 2010 I went to the Amrit Yoga Institute for teacher training. I taught for 2 years in Chelan and then felt the pull to move to the Amrit Yoga Institute to deepen my spiritual practice. I served at the institute through the Seva (selfless service) program, then as the Seva Coordinator. After 8 months I returned back to the Lake Chelan Valley with and open heart and many more ‘tools’. I am trained and certified in Amrit Method Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, and in Level 1 Yoga Asana. I continue to stay connected to AYI, as a forever student of Yoga and as an assistant in student trainings.


My personal practice of Yoga has taken my healing work to a whole new level. As my sensitivity and intuition have increased, my healing treatments are now coming from a place of listening and being rather than from a place of doing. I hope for my offerings to help others become more aware of their bodies, so they may be empowered to become their own best healer. I am honored to offer healing services to the Lake Chelan Valley from which I have received so much.




Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an integrative session of breath, meditation,
inward exploration, massage and supported yoga asana. Become
aware of your body, and what it is trying to communicate. Release
deeply held physical, mental and emotional energetic blocks in the body
in a safe & supportive environment. No previous Yoga experience
is necessary. Allow 1.5 hours and wear loose comfortable clothing.


Pranic Healing

Bring your body gently into balance starting from the subtlest layers. This treatment will calm, nourish and relax your entire system allowing your body’s innate healing process to function optimally. Utilizing some or all of the following modalities: Reiki, Yoga Nidra, Chinese Cupping, tuning forks, toning, inward focus and exploration.



Let go of muscular tension, bring a sense of peace to your whole system and enter a state of deep relaxation. Deep tissue and swedish massage techniques combined with myofascial release, trigger point/tender point, Trager, and foot reflexology.



Private lessons available. Interested in taking an Amrit Yoga Class? Visit Spirals to sign up!


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